Today in the city Hawaiian Beaches 22.10.2017
Idaho house burns after police fire shots at home invader

Idaho authorities say three people, including two residents and a man believed to be the suspect, have died after an armed prowler hid inside an Idaho home that burned to the ground a few minutes late...

Vet plans to visit 84 Great Danes seized from woman's home

A woman who had 84 Great Danes seized from her New Hampshire home but has pleaded not guilty to animal cruelty charges has found someone to visit them.

An Indian Teenager's Painful "Human Snake" Skin Condition Has Finally Been Cured

If you thought getting your roots touched up every six weeks was a drag, try being Shalini Yadav. That’s how often the India native, 16, has shed her skin for her entire life, due to a rare condition...

Here's how your take-home pay could change if Trump's new tax plan is passed

President Donald Trump's tax plan is being billed by the White House and Republicans as a boon for the middle class. But wealthy Americans, including Trump himself, stand to benefit handsomely from th...

J.D. Martinez Ties National League Home Run Record for September

Arizona Diamondbacks right fielder J.D. Martinez went 2-for-4 with a solo home run during Wednesday's game against the San Francisco Giants. Not only did it draw the Diamondbacks within two of the Gia...

Mississippi Funeral Home Owner Arrested for Fraud

A Mississippi funeral home owner has been arrested for failing to forward premiums to a life insurance company.

Home on the Range: Antelope Get New Digs in New Orleans

A few tiny herds of African antelope have a new home on ranges in New Orleans, and zookeepers hope they'll take advantage of the extra space away from curious humans to relax and reproduce.

Google might bring the noise with a bigger, louder Home speaker

Google could enter the high-end audio market with a new version of its Home speaker to compete with Apple and Amazon, just as the next generation of smart speakers begins to emphasize sound quality. &...

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